Manufacturing the Best in Roof Hatch Safety

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      Roof Hatch Guardrail Navigating the transition from straight ladders to the roof through a roof hatch is one of the most prevalent dangers of roof access. The LES Roof Hatch Guardrail system offers comprehensive code and safety compliance with standard features unmatched throughout the industry.       Safety Features Come Standard All of our Roof Hatch Guardrail systems come standard with a self-closing gate, safe landing area, and GrabSafe© Horizontal Handholds. Self-closing gates are superior to chains used by some manufacturers that can sag below the height required by OSHA Standards. Chains also allow for human-error and failure to reconnect the chain. Safe landings are not a requirement of OSHA Standards or other codes, but it was an obvious improvement over existing products when the LES Roof Hatch Guardrail was…
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Manufacturing Ladder Extensions for Optimum Safety

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Ladder Safety and the 5 Questions to Ask         1.)  Did you know that ladders are the cause of 25% of construction industry fatal falls?       2.)  Do you or your contractors use extension ladders in your business operations?       3.)  Do your ladder users step off from extension ladders to roofs as an example?       4.)  Do you know that OSHA Construction Alliance just issued guidelines for holding rungs of ladders for increased safety?       5.)  Would you like to know more about GrabSafe Portable for holding horizontal grab bars with your ladders at height?              Contact Us today or locate a distributor near you.
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Welding Jobs In Kansas City

Creating high quality fall protection equipment for contractors since 2007. Located just north of the river in the heart of Kansas City, we build and manufacture high quality fall protection equipment for contractors. Home of the Raptor TriRex™, our team is well known throughout North America for delivering a consistently well built product that has been proven to save lives. In addition to the Raptor™ family, we manufacture safety rails for commercial roofing application. Time tested and 100% compliant, our products are leading the fall protection industry.
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